Improvements Needed to the Minnesota Eligibility Technology System (METS)
Anoka County - Video
December, 2016

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Minnesota Counties May-June 2012

Introduction to Human Services Finance for Minnesota County Directors
A six-part series from MACSSA covering the ins-and-outs of Human Services Finance in Minnesota counties.

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The Minnesota Association of County Social Service Administrators is a statewide association made up of county public social service directors or other administrative designees. The Association has been in existence since 1946 and is representative of all 87 Minnesota counties.


Our Vision:

  • People will be safe and healthy.

  • People will live as independently as possible.

  • People will be able to support themselves and their families.

Our Mission:

  • To promote and integrate a proactive, adequately funded, cost-effective, and community based human service system that improves the health and well-being of families, children and adults.

Guiding Principles for the Association relative to Human Services:

  • There must be mutual respect for the roles and responsibilities of government at all levels, and all parties must interact as equal partners. Counties must work collaboratively with all partners to expand, develop, and strengthen relationships.
  • Counties must build on existing successes and work to direct state and local resources for mutually agreed upon priorities.
  • Counties must provide leadership that will empower communities to determine the best means of achieving desired outcomes.
  • Counties must be results-oriented with shared responsibility and accountability for use and coordination of available resources at all levels.
  • Counties must continue to be consumer-focused and accountable, as well as supportive of consumer-directed care programs.

Staff Contacts

Eric Ratzmann, Director

Donna Haupert, Administrative Assistant

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Requests for MACSSA Representation on Workgroups and Taskforces
If you are interested in having a MACSSA representative participate on a workgroup or taskforce, please complete our
appointment request form and return the completed form to Eric Ratzmann.

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