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In 2015 MACSSA engaged in a strategic plan process that resulted in the 2017 - 2019 strategic plan. As part of that plan, MACSSA identified three systemic priorities (listed below) and eight operational priorities. in 2020 when MACSSA changed structure to a committee-driven structure, the Equity priority was operationalized into its own committee. Similarly, the eight operational priorities were also transitioned into committees.

Committee information can be found here. A pdf of the 2017-2019 Strategic Plan can be found here

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Equity: Create awareness that equity is an issue in Minnesota and needs to be discussed, Build opportunities for authentic  and productive conversations about equity to occur, Advocate that equity is being considered in human services policy and practice and for hiring and promotion practices.

Integrated Services Business Model: Partner with the state and counties to create a shared understanding of the goals, values and need for service integration in the State of MN, Working to build a shared framework/functional model/blueprint to use when integrating (blending) specialized services provided at the local level, Advocate for policy makers and stakeholders to have an understanding of the goals, values and need for service integration in the State of Minnesota.

Human Services Fiscal Framework: Build/create awareness around the current fiscal architecture to help influence policy makers for the need for change, Facilitate better decision making around funding across the state of Minnesota

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